Task six- Responding to Archives


For this task I haven’t stuck with one main experimental way, I wanted to create different pieces to explore the different artists Sian mentioned, which I loved. My favourite thing about this task is just sitting with the old images and looking at my past, the people who I come from and the different adventurous they have been on.Helen Sear inspires the first image, I too found myself viewing these images and becoming intrigued with them. I wanted to include the aspect of four generations still viewing these images and learning about my past heritage.

The next two show a comparison between the ways my life has turned out compared to my great grandparents. This is not just a physical comparison but I have been the only member of my family not to get married at twenty-one, due to us coming from a small rural village, but you can still see the connections. My great grandparents going on a walk with people they will know for the rest of their lives, and I too hope that I know these people for the rest of my life. In the next image I have shown how different the world is, my great granddad going off to war, something that’s not even a consideration in my contemporary life. Nicky Bird has also inspired me, by replacing the family image over the current location, it creates thoughts about whether people are still alive in our hearts and still have importance to later generations.

I have really enjoyed working with archives; even just viewing these images has been an insight. I hope to work with more like this in the future.


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