James Cannon// Artist Talk// 18/05/16

201MC Professional Experience

I’m not usually a fan of this kind of photography, but being such a renowned photographer, there was no way I could turn down an artist talk from James Cannon.Firstly Cannon gave us a quick run through of him. He is mainly a sports and fitness photographer, and he really prides himself on knowing either the model well or the brand. And this really shines through his work. His work isn’t about showing off the latest sporting clothing, but about showing his audience this sporting environment. He really made this exciting, and for something I have had little interested in, he hooked me in.

He then went through some of his main projects and what they entailed. As I have said, it was good to be shown a world I have never delved into before. Some of my favourites were ‘Le Tour- Stage 3’, which almost has a new martin Parr-esque way to it, also ‘Bamboo Bicycle Club’. This is a really unique project, where in a little hidden factory the most beautiful bikes are made. Cannons work isn’t your standard sports imagery, it shows the desire, the raw materials and the effort that goes behind making and supporting sporting passions and ‘Preparation’ which is new way of talking sporting images. Cannon got his models in a studio and told them to imagine how they would take on there sport. It created these really interesting images that shows how the practice is prepared even out of the sporting location. However, my favourite without a doubt is ‘Arbo Surfboards’, which he took images for Huck magazine. I really love this photographs, they have a real purpose and beauty to them. He’s captured the way the surfboards are made, the care and attention they receive from their makers. It’s a hidden yet crazy amazing sport and it makes me excited just seeing them. He also made sure he got to know all these people, which is something I want to take away from this because the connection between him and his models in evident.

After a few questions and answer, of which I participate (yes Chloe’s confidence is building), he then talked about his portfolio. This was a big part of why I went to the talk, and he went on to explain how sometimes he only gets a few hours of notification before meeting a client, therefore a professional well constructed and up to date portfolio is essential. He had a completely different portfolio that I’ve ever seen. He has a black portfolio box that has his images stuck in almost like a ring binder but they can become separate. I really like this way, I have my images in a leather folder which has sleeves you can slot the images, but its quite large and bulky. The pros of this are that you can always add new images in and you can arrange them so easily. It’s definitely making me consider thinking outside of the box for new ways to present my work.

I can’t talk about Cannon without mentioning his Instagram. It’s almost a portfolio in its self. If you haven’t checked it out already, I would beg you to, because the work he posts on there daily is on the same level as his professional photography. Overall, I’m surprised by how much I have enjoyed this talk even though its completely different to the usual style I go for. But I think attending contrasting artist talks and exhibitions to yourself really pushes you and opens up this new wave of creativity.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.04.23

If you’re interested in seeing more of Cannon’s work click here:



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