Diary of a curator (6)

201MC Professional Experience

This week we have one piece of exciting news!

Not much has happened over the course of this one week except one thing: WE HAVE A VENUE! This is really exciting and it means we can start doing things and become fully productive! So I am proud to tell you all that we will be exhibiting at The Tin located in Coventry Canal Basin! I’m really happy that we managed to secure this place; I think it’s really the best place for the type of work we want to show. I feel like my leadership skills are good and I wasn’t too bossy but I did state what I feel the exhibition should be and where it should be.

Vickie wanted to be in charge of the location, and so far she done a really good job. We have to now have our deposit money ready for the location. Vickie’s asked the group for it, but I feel as a team we don’t particularly flow as fast as we could, so I’ve once again put my leadership hat on and got the money for the deposit as soon as possible. I’ve personally never done this before, but I want to get everything secure as possible in case there are any problems. Next week we’re meeting up to gather the measurements and venue details so we can start planning how our works going to be displayed. I also made sure I went round all the venues and dealt with the final negotiations with Sarah about prices and times for example, because I know what the theme is and the whole atmosphere and I wanted to make sure this was the best that it can be.

Now that we have The Tin, we can concentrate on the social media and promotion of the exhibition. I feel like this was the push we needed as a team to make us feel like this exhibition is real! It’s getting really exciting now!



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