Hashtag Photography Magazine- Six Photobooks by Female Photographers You Should Know About

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Hashtag Photography Magazine// ‘Six Photobooks by Female Photographers You Should Know About’ // Featured Post// November 2015

This is my third post that I’m writing for Hashtag Photography magazine, and I’m thrilled! My confidence is growing alongside my writing skills. I was relatively pleased with my first and second attempt at something that slightly resembled an article, but I wanted to make an even better go at things with my second go. So Genea (nicest person ever) mentioned to keep it in a similar style to my previous writing, but this one to be based solely on female photobook’s.

For some bizarre reason, I hadn’t included any female photographs, whether this was sub conscious or because it’s the type of work I am traditionally drawn to I don’t know. But hey, it worked out in my favour because she wanted me to write another piece.


The brief:

-A list of Photobooks by women (getting requests from females)

-Three days till deadline

-Free rein of what I choose

-One request- ‘Married Men’- Natasha Caruana

I want to add some character to my writing style now, as I feel confident after having done two other articles. I also want to pick a range of Photobooks and artists, something different for everyone, but also contemporary to fit the magazines typical style. I need my time management skills to be on point, as this is a really tight deadline. I only had four days to create this piece, so began researching. I used a range of sources from Mack to the guardian. I also included a lot of current new affairs and linked the relevant topic to a conference happening this weekend at the Tate modern for people who are interested further. I feel like I used a variety of books and I had negative and positive points to talk further about. I also raided the library, publishers and online websites for the best books. I tried to aim for artist that are going to “be big”. I found that researching not only helped me with this article but also improved my photographic knowledge and places I can approach in the future. Some of my favorites are Mack, Space Corners and Indie Photobook Library. However, all the websites that I looked at have a typical style and artists with similar specifications, hence why I didn’t just stick to one publisher for example. With every article I write, my knowledge and confidence that I know photography is improving.

I picked six Photobooks, as this would give the readers a range, yet it would be possible for me to do in the time frame. I’m happy with the range that I picked because some of the aren’t perhaps artists that I like or would be interested in, but they’re suitable for the magazine and what the post is about. I took each book one step at a time and worked on a small paragraph about it.

What I wanted to include in each photobook section:

-The artist

-Title of the photobook

-Where you can buy it and where you can find more information

-A small bit about the artist, only if it has relevance

-My personal opinion, positive and professional

-Any relevant quotes

-What to expect and why you need to view the photobook.

The brief that was set to me was really open, and this surprised me as I thought I would be quite restricted. So this makes me more persistent to carry on like this in my future career. I scripted it a lot and if one things certain its that my writings improving everyday, and my language and style technique is really improving. For some reason I was so relaxed with this piece compared to the negative Nancy mode I was in for the first go

Once I got my sections done I asked people for there opinions including my tutors, friends and of course my trusty mum (she has a degree in English and she knows the kind of mistake I make with my dyslexia).

Some of the changes/ things people got me to think about:

-The ordering of the Photobooks- I need to make everything flow, and put your best written ones at the start and at the end

-Don’t repeat yourself “Perfect for the coffee table”- people wont trust my opinion

-Don’t me more informal in some and formal in the others; make sure every section has the same tone, tense and atmosphere

-Always group things in threes, this will make it more believable and exciting

Looking back these all seems so simple but now they are pointed out to me, I can see I do all of them. So after about four drafts, each time improving my writing, I was happy. It’s such a positive thing, getting as many people as possible to read it. It’s making me realize the silly things I do and its always improving my writing skills. And after giving it back to the magazine, they were so happy and gave me a huge confidence boost!

I’m so happy to become a contributor. It may seem like such an insignificant title to many writers, but to me this is a huge milestone and an opportunity that I’m so excited to have!

A contributor I basically someone, usually not paid, who writes for a magazine regularly. Even though it’s not paid, it can me a great opportunity to start a portfolio, to reach a large audience and to talk about topics that the person is interested in. This is a great starting point, and it’s a good place to learn about freelancing and it has taught me that I probably will have lots of jobs going at a time if I want to continue in this field. . I’m really proud of this piece and I’m going to share it with the world! But seriously, I think I’ve found what I was meant to do, I enjoy it so much and I feel like if I was luckily enough to do something like this in a career id be over the moon. What’s better then giving your opinions about photobook’s that you’ve been looking at for days?

Another huge thing to come out of this article is the advice thee magazine have given me. They have advised me to think about getting social media, this will mean they can tag me and then artists can communicate with me and people can check out my website and more that like the article. So, even though I hate social media, Chloe Parker has now got Twitter. Welcome to the 21st century Chloe! I’m a little bit scared of it, but it can only do positive things for me and expose more information and help promote me.

If you’d like to follow me of twitter its @ParkersPhotog

Overall, this has been a huge success. I’ve loved the challenge of writing this in a couple of days. Yes it’s been hard, but I’ve shown the magazine I can do it and I can give all my energy to them. Vantage- medium have asked Hashtag photography if they can post my writing on their own website which is totally amazing. I can now say I have writing on two different websites! If this isn’t a confidence boost then I don’t know what is! The feedback on social media has been outstanding, I can’t believe this many people have seen it, commented and liked it! Even artists that I’ve mentioned have talked about it and shared it on Twitter, and now I have more assurance that I can approach these artists later in life. All I can say is I’m loving taking on this work experience, and it’s so unbelievably up my street.


Research- 4.30

Writing- 6

Editing- 2.15

Feedback- 5.30

Find my post here!


And on Vantage Medium:


Or my previous article:



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