Hashtag Photography Magazine- What is Surrealism?

201MC Professional Experience

Hashtag Photography Magazine// ‘What is Surrealism?’ // Issue 15// Page 28// December 2015

Hashtag Photography has asked me if I will edit a piece for them, ready for their next magazine. I’m slightly apprehensive about this, I have never done this before but I’m really excited because this is something new and I can experiment with new skills.

The brief:

-It’s a piece on surrealism and photography

-Needs to be ready to publish in the December issue

-It has great parts, concepts, and opinions

-Long winded and strangely phrased- broken down, more professional tone

-Very descriptive- needs to be concise

-Needs to flow smoothly


I’m going to edit this piece because it’s something out of my comfort zone and I’m thrilled that they want me to take on new work! The skills that I have for this piece is the ability to read and re-read other peoples work and notice changes that will make it stronger. I’ve learned this through essays and working with my peers to look at their work, and its something I enjoy. I also think because my pieces have gone down well in terms of the magazine enjoying them and the social media reactions, I have a skill in creating work directed to the audience and making it suitable.

When I began looking at this work, it was really interesting to see how I actually did it. The topic discussed isn’t necessarily my area of knowledge, but that didn’t particularly matter. This surprised me as it wasn’t what the piece was about it was how it was written, and this may sound unusual but it’s a completely different way of thinking compared to how I’ve been writing. I decided the best way for me to work was to read it off my computer once, then again printed out and then I went back and used a pen to highlight points that either didn’t sound right, weren’t important or the grammar and spelling wasn’t correct. This is the technique that I enjoy doing when looking at others and mine essays. I then began to cut the unimportant parts out on my computer, taking into consideration that this will be a piece for a magazine, therefore it needs to have enough content. Then I made sure all the grammar, spelling and punctuation were changed. Finally I reread it and altered all the parts that didn’t flow and seemed strange in relation to the other concepts. It was interesting to see how someone else presented their work to the magazine too, they did a lot of things different to me and looking back I have a very formal approach that I would like to keep on but now I want to include some imagery in my own work.

I found editing, particularly cutting parts out, really difficult. Its someone else’s work, and I found that I took on this responsibility because this wasn’t my own. However, I also enjoyed it because it was what I have been doing, just writing, it was something different and it something that I definitely want to consider taking on in the future. This is also the first piece that I’ve sent it directly to the publisher to be on the magazine, which is extremely thrilling. I am beginning to gain a lot of confidence emailing the magazine, it’s nice to be treated like a professional and they have the sureness that I have the skills.

In the end I’m really happy with the final outcome, it’s a lot stronger and I’ve shown I have the writing skills it takes to not only create work but to alter others pieces to make it work for the client and the audience. The final article looked really good in their December issue and I’m really pleased with the reactions from everyone, and I have a sense of proudness seeing the piece I helped develop.

Original copy of surrealism

Changed copy of Surrealism


Emailing- 1.30

Editing- 5.45

Find the article here!



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