Hashtag Photography Magazine- Interview: Anna Powierza

201MC Professional Experience

Hashtag Photography Magazine// ‘Interview: Anna Powierza’ // Issue 15// Page 40// December 2015

I have to really try and focus on the link between the artist’s work and the theme of the next magazine. I want to aim to create questions that are broad enough for the artists to feel like they can have some freedom with answering but also specific enough so that I can get information out that will interest my viewer. I also want to sound upbeat, exciting and be polite as this artist is doing the magazine a favour as she has a very hectic and busy lifestyle.

The brief broken down:

-Introduce yourself, contributor to Hashtag magazine

-Around ten questions

-Ask her a question surrounding the feature she has done for the magazine previously

-Something surrounding her inspirations and influences

-Keep in mind the theme of surrealism or ‘Dreamlike” in order to keep in the theme of the issue it will be going in

-One question focusing on her future projects, exciting build up?

I was really nervous when the magazine asked me to interview the artist. I have never done anything as professional as this, but I was also so excited to take on something different. I spent a long time researching the artist, her website, her most iconic work, who she has photographed for, and most importantly having some images that I liked (even if they perhaps weren’t to my taste) but would fit in with the theme and make the artist feel admired. At the end of the email, one of the curators put, “Basically we trust you to come up something great :)”, and this gave me the confidence to let me know I can do this. It was a big opportunity to move from blog posts working solely with myself, to working with someone else for magazine piece. This needed to be of high quality, everything checked precise and to be appropriate to what there traditional style is typically.

As well as doing research on the artists I spent great deal of time looking at their previous interviews. I was searching for reoccurring questions, how long each question and answer typically are and questions that really stood out for me. I had to place myself in the position of the viewer and think if I were a reader what would I want to know from this artist.

For me the best part of an article is the introduction. I can make this exciting and write it in a way that makes the reader need to read on. It’s a skill I’ve learnt that I have enjoyed and perhaps have a telnet for, and this makes me carry on the skill I enjoy.

Once I had finished writing the article, an important part was to thank the artist for there time and tell them how great there answers are. This is essential because if the magazine need her again, I want her to have has a great experience with me so she’s more than willing to take part in anything in the future. I also had to talk to this artist through a studio sectary. This is something I have never encountered; I have always presumed that interviews would always be the writer directly talking to the artist. The only difference in having to talk through a studio is that things take much longer going though a third person. This is something I have learned, and from now on wards I will get my interview questions done as soon as possible, rather than researching over various days, in order to get the article done to please the magazine.

Overall, I’m so proud of this article. It turned out really well and the reception and feedback I received really boosted my self-esteem. I think it’s a skill I have realised I have, and I definitely have shown I can do it. But I’m not sure how it pushed my mind, I found it quite easy, so I’m not sure if I would want to pursue this in the future. However, I’ve come to realise this is an important part of the magazine and is necessary. If a magazine didn’t include interviews then it would have a huge loss of content and it wouldn’t be on the level that it is. It also helps with social media as the artist can retweet for example, meaning there larger audience will see it, resulting in an increase of people being exposed to the magazine.

Interview answers

final interview


-Research of the artist- 2.30

-Research into previous interviews- 3

-Writing of questions (including editing, asking for feedback and checking)- 7.15

-Emailing- 1.30


Find my Article here!



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