Diary of a curator (7)

201MC Professional Experience

This is a week of changes, for good or for bad things are changing the group dynamics of the team! Ones things for certain, we’re well on the way with our exhibition now!

One of our tutors mentioned a third year that was looking for a group where she could exhibit. My tutor talked to me and she sounded really good, she’s had good recognition and her work, concept wise, was fantastic. I decided to have a group meeting to feedback to my group about taking her on. Honestly the group was spilt which surprised me, especially because I said she wouldn’t be marked on the creation of the exhibition. Because everyone was so spilt I made the decision as team leader to take on Alice. It’s a great opportunity for us, there’s a perfect space for her and it’s an exciting new take on the work Trace. I feel like my leadership skills are really starting to be pushed and I thought I wouldn’t be comfortable with it, but I actually I feel the opposite. I hope that my team feel comfortable with talking to each other, as we’re really good with our way of communication (social media messaging).

So with a new artist added to our great team, things are becoming more consolidated with every week. I cannot wait to see our final exhibition!


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