The Natural Collection

201MC Professional Experience


This is something that I had never heard of before, until it was suggested to me to become involved with the project.

What is the Natural Collection?

It’s basically run by Matt and from my understanding its explores all kinds of themes surrounded by landscape photography. It’s shown in the Photobook collection, which is handed around the world to different universities and colleges. I personally like it because there is such a range, I’m not specifically interested into landscape yet I can sit for hours with these books and become emerged with new passions that I didn’t know existed in me. You can donate books if you are an artist or publisher and you can also request to see the collection. I really love the idea of this project, its something that isn’t driven by money or promotion, but by the idea of knowledge, passion and learning. That’s why I wanted to become involved with it.

I began by meeting matt and Beth, another person who wants to join the team, and we discussed what the project is and what we would be doing. From my understanding we’ll be taking on what a person was doing in the year above us. We we’re given an account to the website, making me a little scared as this is someone else’s work and I felt that I gained an urge of responsibly.

We were given these accounts because we have to upload the book system so everything’s up to date. As you can imagine Matt’s incredibly busy, so we have to manage it between ourselves. He’ll be giving us the books in a couple of weeks when he has collected a significant amount to go on the website.

I want to see if I can work on my writing skills, maybe I can start to review some of these books in depth. But I understand if I can’t because this is someone else project. Some of the skills I want to gain specifically with this experience are working in a small, non-profit company, the motivation needed for a side project and strengthening my research skills in a topic that I am not familiar with in order to help my writing skills. I also want to gain some confidence in leadership skills because it will me and Beth who are the main people organizing the books e.c.t.


If you want to check out the Natural Collection click the link below!


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