Diary of a curator (9)

201MC Professional Experience


This week has been fun for me, the designs are at the forefront of our priority, something creative and more exciting from all the stress we’re having! We’ve also been given our community to work with.

As I’ve said before, a graphic designer who works for The Tin is included in our venue price. This is something I’d normally love to do, but there are so many things we need to get done, so we’ve trusted the designer to come up with some details. I suggested that we just have the word trace, this is the whole point of our exhibition, and everything is surrounded by this one word. Just asking for this from the designer means he has more of a lee way with creativity.

We have given the designer around two weeks (he was a week late, something we need to be prepared for in any future exhibitions), and below are the designs he came up with. If I’m honest, I’m not sure how long he’s spent on these designs; some of them seem very unsuitable like a logo for a holiday brochure. However, we all came together to discuss which design we think is the best. The majority decided on the fourth design, I think this is the best. It looks modern; it’s simple and looks like the type of atmosphere we want our work like. I think in any other future exhibitions I want to work on the design, its something I’ve learned that I have a skill for and id love to practice it more. We also like the fifth one, but I suggested that it looked too much like the Tate modern logo. However, I think the colour overpowers the typography for sure. So we’ve asked the graphic designer if he can play around with some less pungent colours. So I’m excited to see some more versions of our chosen design.

We also met up to discuss our work. As curator my task is all about making sure everyone’s meeting targets, we’re organised and most importantly, checking that everyone’s on track with their work. I set a firm deadline that this would be the week that we all have our work completed for. However, half of the group has no idea what there taking images of still. I stressed the importance that it’s ok for them because they have a couple of weeks still. But its import because without an image of there work we can’t get the statements done, posters or promotion and I cannot plan where our works going to go. This is something that ill be getting more stricter and more frequent with asking.

Finally, this week we have been given the collage that we will work with for our working with community section. Our chosen college is in Coventry and we don’t know much about them except there studying photography. We need to start to prepare something to do with them so we can get the most out of this experience.

So next week I want the final logos prepared, everyone to have at least one image with them of what there showing and we need to start to think of what we’re going to do with the college. I feel like we also need to begin to get more organized and know things like payments and a to do list.


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