Hashtag Photography Magazine Zealous X 2016 Photography Exhibition

201MC Professional Experience


Hashtag Photography Magazine// ‘Zealous X 2016 Photography Exhibition’ // January 2016


This was a piece for the magazines blog that they asked me to do. I needed to promote an exhibition and more specifically one of the artists that would be featured in the event.

The brief:

-Little paragraph for the blog

-Focusing on the exhibition in January

-The artist was in the last issue

-Information is in the press release poster attached

This is very much different from the work I have been doing so far. It’s not necessarily a photography piece; it’s a piece that’s used for information to promote an exhibition. It doesn’t have to be lengthy and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the photography formal style tone that I have been writing in previously. I need to use my skills in writing and to me concise and specific to create a short and snappy piece. Also my time management skills will be tested, as I need it as soon as possible so people have enough time to know about the exhibition.

Research was the thing that took the most amount of time for me. I wanted to make sure I looked back at the last issue to understand him as an artist and what his piece of work is about. I didn’t have the time to email the artist directly because this was for an exhibition happening soon, so any information I could pick up for the last issue was valuable. I also looked at his own website and got a good idea of what the main concept of his work is about. This particular artist was someone completely new to me and if I’m honest is someone I’m not really interest with, so I had to use my skills in writing to make it sound like I firstly know everything about the artist and secondly that the artist is one of my favourites. I had to be really positive and keep up this enthusiasm and this artist has a good relationship to the magazine and I wanted to keep that in tact.

I also need to research this exhibition. I have never heard of it before so I spent a great time looking through there own website, reviews from the press in previous years and searching through their social medias. I needed to be precise and pick things that will make this exhibition unique and stand out. I’m learning that the more I write, particularly things that are out of my comfort zone, the more knowledge I gain and my photography becomes a lot more stronger because I’m getting confident in a range of topics. The magazine also included a press release, which I’ve never seen before; it’s a simple thing that many writers, critics and magazines are exposed to and its something really interesting to me. It has all the details and my job is to take all those details, put them together and make it exciting.

Overall, I’m happy with this piece. It was just a simple blog post which helped worked on my writing skills and its great to know that the magazine actually want me to write for them and trust me with pieces like this. I’m not sure I could do this all the time as a future career as it didn’t test me as much as I would like, but its still a great opportunity and I do enjoy doing things like this. I also know that my time management and organisation skills are good because I had no problem completing this piece in the time they have given me, its getting more and more easier the more I do.

Final Written piece


Emailing- 1.15

Research- 4.30

Writing- 4.45

Find the post here!



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