Diary of a curator (10)

201MC Professional Experience


There’s not much to talk about this week, except one thing the logo!

So this week has been a quite week, its hard balancing our three modules and trying to create an exhibition at the same time. But we do have the logo! If you haven’t read last week’s blog post then you wont know we have a graphic designer included in the price of our venue and we’re trying to take full advantage of it. Last week he sent us some sample logos and we picked one as a team but wanted some more changes with it. Below is what we received and I think they look great! We’ve decided on the first one and I’m so excited to finally have a logo. It means the social media and promotion can really be pushed now. We’ve asked the graphic designer if he can now come up with some posters for us as its all part of the price, and we want to get as much as we can from it. It’s been really interesting working with a graphic designer, as I would have normally done it myself. But doing it this way makes it feel more professional and exciting.

We also have had another possible artist again from Emma, but we’re not sure as a group how successful it’ll be after the first wasn’t. Hopefully something will come up as we’re getting closer to the date now. We’ve also become more organised as a group after I had a meeting on Wednesday. Below is our money payments list. I feel more confident with the group and we can now begin to really push ourselves.




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