Diary of a curator (11)

201MC Professional Experience


This week can be described in one word: stressed.

We’re so close to our exhibition date now and it’s the smaller things that seem to be catching us out. So lets start with the negative. Myself along with Vickie have spent days trying to get the issue with the boards sorted. We can’t nail onto the brick wall because there’s artwork there and it can’t be taken down, therefore we need to use something like boards to cover it and display our own work. This is probably the most annoying thing so far, even though I thought it would be the easiest. So as I said, we spent hours, the university have decided to bin all of the boards, so we went round the drama, woodwork, art, graphic design and fine art departments, trying to talk to people about if they have any boards or could possibly make them for us. In the end, I had a serious chat with the group and said they need buckle up and really work on this with us. Paige went on emailing other universities and colleges and Livy said something about her dad and how he could possible make them for us. However, he lives in Nottingham and the expenses would be high. In the end Vickie and me talked to our tutor and we came up with two options. My favourite option was to have almost like a wardrobe set up, a wire piece with our work hung on things like coat hangers. We also had the idea of having MDF wood and this can be placed against the wall with our work nailed onto it. Vickie and me had a long chat about the best option and we picked the second, my team working skills, which I wanted to make stronger, are definitely doing that! So we’ve paid for our boards and we’re going to collect them on the day we’re setting up.

We also have had a long problem with the band for the opening night. One thing that I learnt over this experience, honestly, is you can’t give one job to one person because if they don’t get the thing done then it creates stress for the group and it’s annoying. However, we’ve managed to find a band “The Upsiders” and they work closely to the university, meaning that they don’t expect a high payment. But they honestly sound so perfect and I am so so so excited now! I cannot wait for our opening night now! AHHHH!

We also needed to focus on the invite list, and I said that I’d take on this role. I had finished the whole document of people including our tutors, artists and photographers who have worked closely with the university. However, the person who was supposed to be working on finding a band actually was working on the invite list. I think this annoyed the group and particularly me because we have so much to be doing, and communication is really important. I’m a really independent person and I like to work on my own, so being with a group of people is a really new experience. I think I handled it well and calmed everyone down and just gave that person my list to work on it.

Lets end on a good note, and talk about some positives of the week. I have created the invites to be sent out to our invite list for the opening night and I love them! I’m really proud of how they’ve turned out and the group loves them too. I’ve said previously that I’ve wanted to work on my design skills and this was a great opportunity. I decided that we’d have two different designs, one for an email and one for a personal hand out. Like the posters for our personal statement, I used the same approach to make everything uniformed. I think they look professional and I’m really excited to hear some feedback and it also means we can get even more pumped up for the night!

We also have received the final poster from the graphic designer and they look good. They have a contemporary feel and say everything that we want to. Everything is coming together. Finally, we we’re on the radio! We managed to get a 2-minute spot on Coventry and Warwickshire radio and Vickie was the only person able to go on and I’m so proud of her! I literally screamed when I heard it! It was a great way to promote ourselves, and the radio team were kind enough to promote us on their social medias!

So finally after a week that seems so long we finally know what our work is going to be displayed on, we have some great promotion and the invites are sent out. We’re so close now!


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