The Natural Collection// Books

201MC Professional Experience

The main responsibility I have is organizing on the books going online to demonstrate the collection.

Once I had a significant amount of books I then began to photograph them. I have learned that to photograph a book you have to put the book on a selo tape roll. This will give it some distance from the ground in order to not squish the grass for example and also to protect the book as some are very delicate and are white. It was important for me to get the style right for the website, the books cannot look out of place even though it’s a new person taking them. I spent a long time looking at the different places that the previous books were taken to understand the types of location settings to go for and to see what’s also been done before. Luckily for me I noted that some of the books we had been given were already on the website, so I was careful not to re use these. The ones that I were not on the website I took to a park and a woodland. I did these on one of the rare sunny days we were having and used the same techniques used before, for example taking the images landscape.

Once I got back I altered the saturation a little and any other issues that were standing out that didn’t fit in with how the other books had been put on. I uploaded the books from my account, and then I found a quote and review of the book. This was a real shame for me. I was hoping to review the books individually but it’s important to work to how the client wants and the style of the website. This took a lot of time, I wanted to get a quote from not only a reliable source but also one that knows what it’s talking about. It also has to be positive, as what I’ve learned from Hashtag magazine is that these artists have been kind enough to show an interest with the project and they’ve sent a photobook in, therefore I want to continue the gratuity on. Overall I think I did a good job getting the style in.

If you want to check out the Natural Collection click the link below!

Click here if you want to check out Cabin by Zachary Schwaller

Click here if you want to check out Trawlermen by Peter Dench


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