Diary of a curator (12)

201MC Professional Experience

All things paper is the focus of this week.So we’ve got our main things set in stone now; the band, the venue, the logo, the social media. Now it’s the little things we need to concentrate on. As a group we finally have all the work for the exhibition taken. This is a huge relief. We can now focus on the leaflets, which is Paige’s main priority. This is a great opportunity to come up with a first draft kind of thing for an artist statement. Everyone’s done a really good job on this, and we’ve tried to make everyone’s work as different as it can be to give a range of work focusing on the word ‘Trace’. She’s done a really good job and I’ve always made sure I’m there if she needs any help or advice.

We spent a whole day on Wednesday printing. Luckily one of us had loads of printing credits so we’re able to print a good amount. We printed the leaflets out and me, Livy and Paige printed, cut and folded each one. This took longer than we thought it would but they look really effective. We also printed the posters A4 and me and Paige went round the university and distributed them. Something that we have learned is you can’t put leaflets up unless there laminated, so we had to be creative where we placed them. Finally, we got the invites printed and sent out, I was really happy with my invite design. I got some feedback from some of the tutors and they were really impressed. I think we have given them a professional feel and have gone that extra step that the other teams have perhaps not.

Things that have been done:




-Printing of work

-Posters and leaflets, printed, distributed and folded

-Social media- posting regularly

-Everyone’s personal poster is online


-Times, dates, details are all sorted and correct

-Invites are sent out

I can’t believe the big nights next week. I’m so proud of my team. We’ve got what we want done, and now everyone just needs to be prepared for setting up. I’m nervous yet I cannot wait!


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