Diary of a curator (13)

201MC Professional Experience

This is it.

This week is the finally of Trace Exhibition, but before that we had to get through all the stress and problems!

We came up with an itinerary as it meant we all knew where we had to be at what time. Luckily we had two cars in the group and we had kindly asked the university if we could borrow a driver and a van for the boards. Prior to Monday everything was up-to-date and done. On Monday day we had to firstly go to B and Q to pick up our boards. They were heavy but as a team we managed. Then we all went to the tin to set up. We brought in the boards and organised them. One thing we didn’t take into consideration was the ramp. We should have go the boards cut more diagonally but we managed by placing some books under one side and you couldn’t tell at all. Its something I’ll remember next time. We were well on time and we began sorting the work and where it was going to go. As a curator this was a big job of mine, but I didn’t take on this solely I asked the group for their opinion. Yes, Chloe is now an expert on teamwork! We all took things into consideration like lighting, space and most importantly for me the ordering of the work. I’m really happy with how everyone’s work looked, everything was professional and everyone’s work was different to everyone else’s. To be honest, everything ran really smoothly. We all brought in nails, hammers and any other equipment to share and help each other with putting work up. For me I had another deadline in another module so I had to make sure my main focus was the exhibition today. I made sure everything was lined up, straight and secure and I’m happy with my final outcome. The only issue we had was with Paige’s Velcro; it wouldn’t stick for some reason. So we all had to help nail it to the wall instead, something I’ve learned to do (don’t rely on command strips). Whilst everyone was putting their work up, I went round moving tables and chairs, I wanted an Irish pub kind of atmosphere, with everyone sat down enjoying the art and the band with a pint! I then distributed everyone’s business cards, which we all did individually, and the leaflets too. By the end of the day everything looked just right and we were more then ready and pumped for the night!

Heres a few photos from throughout the day and my final exhibition piece:

And then it all happened. We decided to meet earlier than the opening time. We needed to meet the band and help them set up. Also we had some spare wood and Emma took it home and painted Trace on it, and we then placed them around so people knew where we were, as its hidden. Then we just made sure everything was clean and looking good. Then the wait for people to come happened, we all grabbed a drink from the bar and suddenly and an influx of people came in! The band were unbelievable. They were amazing and really helped create the atmosphere we wanted. Overall, I’m so happy with the amount of people that turned up, its way more then we every expected, and we perhaps didn’t have enough space and chairs for everyone! All my friends turned up in a suit, which was really nice, and it’s so positive to do something and see the support from all of our friends and family. Something that I learned to do was to talk to people. I normally think of myself as quite shy, but I really stepped up when Coventry university radio and other reporters came. Listening back I’m really proud of how I answered everything, I sounded like I knew what I was doing and everything’s really professional. All the feedback that I got was so positive, everyone enjoyed the work and had a great time. It was a weird feeling and we all got a little bit emotional at the end, it’s our baby that’s taken weeks of hard work and finally we get to show it to the world.

We all decided to take some images as well as go pros of the night, here are a few of mine:

I have never been so proud. A group of people that I didn’t particularly know came together and put on an incredible exhibition. I’d just like to say thank you for everyone that has supported Trace, all of my team a massive thank you because we produced our first ever exhibition that was phenomenal and a well done to the rest of my year, everyone’s exhibitions we’re amazing!


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