201MC Professional Experience

So everyone has to undertake an exhibition for their module in my class, as you may have known mine is Trace, but there are three others that are happening. For me this is a really important part of the whole thing, going to everyone else’s and comparing and seeing what I can take from there’s that I didn’t. It’s a good way to review progress, learn new things and broaden my knowledge in photography.

Faces of Community

This was the next one after us, and after seeing only ours I was excited to see someone else’s exhibition. There were a couple of things that I really appreciated with this exhibition. Firstly, the fact that they worked with other people. And not just one group, but they worked with food banks, duke of Edinburgh groups and nurseries. This was really different and you could feel this sense of community as soon as you walked in the door. I love the fact they invited the groups they worked with to they event, and these communities were excited to see these images and talkative about what they do. This exhibition wasn’t about showing off and promotion, but more about being kind hearted and supporting the great unseen work that people did.



Everyone, including myself, was so thrilled for this catwalk show, mainly because it wasn’t a photographic exhibition like the other three. I think they used the space well, as when we viewed it we just didn’t know what do with all these high corkboard walls, but they spaced everything out in a good manner. I also think the running of the models went smoothly and once the catwalk had begun everything became really professional. I also know they had a big funding budget, and this is something that I wish we had explored more in our work as it seems to be more professional and they were able to do what they wanted because money wasn’t such a limitation to them. It has given me the knowledge that I perhaps don’t have to stick to just photography and there’s other ways I can use my curation skills.



This was honest an amazing exhibition, it felt like it had been run by professionals. I had seen the space before, and I would have never thought of using the space in the way that these guys did, so they’ve taught me to have an open mind and some creativity when it comes to viewing venues. I also liked that all the work fitted together, we were the opposite in trying to make everyone’s as different as possible, and so it was nice to see a comparison. I also loved the sound recordings, and the fact they got another student to work with them on this. It is something that I would have never thought of but really made the exhibition stand out, and is now something I’ll really consider in the future. The promotion was also really good, the leaflets and the smaller details really made it there’s. I definitely want to try and use my design skills more in the next exhibition opportunity I get.

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Overall, this has been a great opportunity for me, not only to be involved in an exhibition but to also see everyone else’s. It was good to show support for my fellow peers and they did the same. I made sure to give some positive promotion so that we can all benefit from it. They were all so different and they all had their positives and negative that we can all learn something from for our next exhibition.


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