Hashtag Photography Magazine- The Top Six Uk Photo Exhibitions Happening this Spring

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Hashtag Photography Magazine// ‘The Top Six Uk Photo Exhibitions Happening this Spring’ // March 2016


This post is something different that I haven’t done before; a whole post on a selection of exhibitions. It’s an exciting opportunity; I can really research and incorporate my own style in to it!

The brief:

-Article on uk photo exhibitions

-All must be happening this spring

-Little detail of the exhibition

-Any other important details- where it is, how much it is, how long it’s on for

-2 pics per exhibition

-By the end of the week


So I have never actually written a post on a range of exhibitions, I done one exhibition reviews and a range of photobook posts, but nothing like this. I’m beginning to really appreciate working for a company like this. Every task I get set is completely different and it’s presented as an opportunity to me. At the start I never thought I had the skills to write such diverse photography topics, but now I know I have strength in it. I can take on concepts, research them to death and then write everything up.

And that’s exactly what I did with this post. For me a real importance was to not focus on just purely London exhibitions. I come from the north, so I wanted to use a selection of locations that are putting on amazing shows. I started with my own knowledge on some of my favourite galleries, like in Liverpool. And then I looked through them all and pulled out the most interesting and inspiring. These weren’t always exhibitions that I would be fascinated by, but that would target the magazines audience like Sam Hutchinson, which was a perfect find. I also opened my mind set and scrolled through the how of twitter to find new galleries and exhibitions that I’ve never heard of. Some of these include The Other Art Fair, Emerge Photo Fest and Urban Photo Festival. This article doesn’t just open other peoples minds up, but it also broadens my knowledge and I found a range of places that I’m so exciting to visit now. A key part of my research was looking at other articles that were focused on the top exhibitions for the start of the year too. I used the telegraph and the Refinery 29, not for there content because they’re aiming at a completely different audience, but I used them for how they laid the information out. I found writing each section relatively easy, just going through exhibition by exhibition really working on the section. I made sure some of the things I’ve been tripping up on the past were fixed, like the spelling, the flow and the formality. I then used the most important details like the time, price, and location for example, at the top. This was how id seen others present it, and it makes sense. This is what is going to draw in people and what the basically want to know. So this was good, to learn a new technique and build on my writing skills. I also used quotes and personal opinions, which I feel I’m getting stronger at now, almost like a photography critic! When everything had been finished with, I then chose the order carefully, again learning from my past advice and placing the best two first and last. I definitely feel I have gained a huge amount of confidence. Finally I added links and photographs that I felt attracted and represented the exhibition as a whole.

When I sent the magazine my article they were extremely happy, and it didn’t need any editing in the writing at all. I’m loving doing this and its something I’m more and more passionate about pursuing in the future. When it was posted online everyone was supported, especially my peers which is so incredibly nice! It also got retweeted by the galleries and its not only great promotion for them, but for me as a writer too. Overall, I met my deadline, produced a solid piece of writing and did more then the magazine asked for. They sounded impressed and I can’t wait to write again!

Hashtag Photography- Exhib




Writing- 7.15

Find the post here!



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