Lens Locale

201MC Professional Experience

This is a student run exhibition that will showcase our last modules work. Its completely voluntary and I think it will be really interesting because we all have our work made unlike our previous exhibition, and therefore we will be focusing more on the other elements. After being Curator for the last showcase, I want to use some of my other skills and take on a new role to develop new and existing skills.15/01/16

-Exhibition date, either first or second week we get back from Easter- need to have it booked early- Agreed to be the second week as a group

-Curation team are emailing the glass box gallery to check availability

-Sorting out the teams- I’m in management


-First week from the 18th to the 24th of April


-New team set up, the design team. I’m apart of this and I’m much more happier now because the management team was so large that it was hard to get a job. There are four of us in the team and I’m so glad I’m in it because I can really develop my skills in InDesign and I’m confident with this and its something I’d like to do in the future.

-Evan setting up a Goole Docs- this means we can all have one document where we can post everything in one place in an organised way.

-Possibly having a publication at the exhibition, inspiration could be from Semi Natural because there’s really stood out to me

-Sent my headshot, statement and photograph of my work to the social media team so it can be promotion for the exhibition


-Only me from the design team turned up, so I need to inform the rest of the group what’s happening:

-Main priority is the logo- then the social media can be made (give it to Beth)

-Thinking about a leaflet, including headshots, statement and an image from their work

-We need to get printing quotes for how much the leaflets are accepted to be so we can budget it


-Design meeting:

-We need to have our publication ready, there’s around 18 people showing their work, possibly trying to fit it on two sheets of A4- so about three or four projects on each page. Need to decide if we want an introduction on the front page

-I agreed to take on the task of the leaflet, this is a good opportunity to show of my skills with InDesign and it’s a good responsibility that I can talk about


What the leaflet should include:

-Tagline that is used on social media


-Thinking about doing the names in register order, therefore no one will complain!

-Possibly using uni printers so we need to consider price/ credits

-We have a mail account set up that we can all use, so I’ve asked people to send there images on the email account and then put there statement with there social media accounts on the Google drive- this will make everything easier for me and the social media team and keeps everything organised

-Evan’s done the logo and sent it to me, this means I can get started with the publication as I know that the leaflet has to represent the logo so everything’s one continual project theme


-I’ve kept the theme of the leaflet really simple because opinions will be stronger and I wanted to keep it neutral to suit everyone’s work rather than something really flamboyant

-The logo is hard to work with because its very simple and the facts its in a circle means I can’t do any creative lines or anything on the leaflet

-However, I’ve done a couple of examples of what I’m thinking and sent them to my graphic design friends to get their opinions


-Got the base design done from what I was given with the logo

-Just waiting on a few people now so I can fill everything in

-Needed to find a new font because the one Evan used for the logo is only on her computer, so I’ve had to research and find the closest looking one

-Decided to have name plaques next to our work


-After asking two people for their statements and work I finally have everyone’s information and therefore can finish the leaflet- one person had told me they didn’t want to be in the exhibition which isn’t perhaps ideal, but its just meant I had to slightly rearrange the layout, there’s now 16 of us

-We have left £20 in the budget for printing, which is a good amount and I’ve advised everyone to go to a printers rather than using the uni printers, the quality will be a lot higher and they normally can do us a deal

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-Two people with a car have gone to the printers that I recommended, I sent them a folder with the files and everything went smoothly. The paper quality is really good and they’ve managed to get it stapled as well, however it’s in black and white which isn’t ideal especially for a photography exhibition, but we had to fit it around a certain budget. This is something that I’ve definitely noted for the future and I wouldn’t like it to happen again, especially because I worked in colour rather than monochrome so I would have done it a little differently

-At the venue it’s a much different atmosphere compared to the previous exhibition. Its stressful and there doesn’t seem to be much organisation, something I’ve learnt is that we needed a separate team to be solely in charge of the venue, this will for sure be happening in any future exhibitions. Not everyone came in on the day to help arrange everything; this was a shame and meant the few people who did come in needed to work harder. The original plan of where everyone’s work was going needed to be changed because of people dropping out and also seeing the space, so I helped with moving things and saying where peoples work would be best.

-I went to a few shops looking for the best white paint to buy, as the one that was bought was too beige. Once I bought this I began painting plinths and walls, as a lot of the stuff that had been left for us was either unpainted or had previous painted artwork on it. I also helped do the gritty jobs like the refreshments table, putting posters up, sweeping and scraping paint off the floor. These aren’t the most glamorous jobs but they have to be done!

-I then put up my own work; I was in a good spot and had a wall all to myself. I didn’t necessarily want any pictures up yet the space was too blank without them. So I bought a bracket shelf to drill up above my work that could hold all my archived images. I then had a plinth that had my book and my box with the flowers all pressed in. I also put a couple of business cards round my work, it was a good promotion opportunity for people to check my website further

-The opening night was really nice, one change that I will make in future exhibitions is to promote it a lot more. We had (bad) wine, music and it was nice to talk to my classmates after having a stressful day!

-A few people came up to me asking about my work, and I feel like my communication skills have gotten a lot stronger as when I did Trace I just thanked them, but on this night I talked to them further about my work, asked them about other peoples work and asked them who they are. I am definitely becoming more confident.


-It was my turn along with Beth to look after the venue on the last part of the Friday. It felt very serial like we were at an exhibition that I would go to. Again I think our promotion should have been stronger. However, we did have one person in particular who popped in from the University of London. She was studying fashion and ceramics and we were able to talk to her and point her in the direction of what artists would suit her. She was really nice and it was good to hear an opinion of what she thinks of our work. We gave her a leaflet and hopefully she’ll contact the people who we gave their details to her

-Overall, it was nice to do something completely different with the exhibition. It was also good to have the responsibility of looking after the exhibition; it felt like we are real artists!

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-Today we had to take down the exhibition. Similar to before only a handful of people turned up. We had to drill everything off the walls, move the plinths and make sure no double-sided sticky tape was left on the walls. We left it in a much better condition than what it was given to us like!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 17.08.16

Overall, I’m really happy and feel like I’ve learned a lot with this experience. It was a new responsibility taking on our exhibition solely without any promotes from tutors each week. I think it’s interesting that with the Trace exhibition I was the curator but I took on a lot of design skills, and with Lens Locale I was a designer yet I took on curation skills. It shows me how you don’t just have one solid role within an exhibition; everyone does all the little jobs in order for you to meet deadlines. It showed me how some people perhaps don’t want to put the effort in, but I’ve realised that I’m one of these people who does want to put effort in and I will work for the team. Therefore, I think my team working skills have definitely strengthened. I fee like I’ve definitely kept on developing my design skills, its something I feel confident with and in the future I’ll be putting my hand up for any design tasks. It was a shame it had to be printed in black and white, but this will be something I discuss with the person in charge of the budget in the future. I also found it tricky to be firm when asking for people’s statements and photographs, but this needed to be done, and it’s a new skill I’ve gained confidence with. Talking of which, I am now confident with talking about my work to complete strangers. I’ve gained a sense of pride with my photography and sometimes I concentrate so hard on writing, I forget that I’m doing photography for a reason. This is something I need to consider in the future. Anyways, it was success and I think everyone’s learned new things for our next exhibition!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 17.07.54


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