Phonar// Assignment Four// Lucas Foglia


For this task I had to pick an image from the workshop and develop it into a video and/or audio. I’ve always wanted to expand doing more than still photography, so this was a perfect opportunity for me.

Click here to see my video

Critical Rational

Having never really studied video or audio, this was at first a daunting project for me. I looked at all the workshop tasks that I had produced in more depth and then decided that the narratives would be too self explanatory or too obvious, and I wanted to work with something that was more of a challenge and had more of a complex narrative to it. I decided to work further with ‘something normal seem shocking’. I felt like it was abstract and yet had this scary approach to it.

The way I made the video was just experimenting with my camera, the comb and the lighting. At first I used a digital camera, but this was too restricting and I couldn’t get close enough to the comb, so I used my camera phone instead. I shot different videos getting a range of angles, lighting and shadows. I then spent hours on premier (after never really learning it, it really took a while). However, I was able to overlay videos on top of each other, sequence them and experiment with speed. I also tried to increase the contrast and colour but it still seems a little less vibrant compared to my image, so this is something I need to work on and learn.

Furthermore, I wanted to work with audio as I have never done it before and this is a great opportunity to see how it works and what effect it can have. I decided to use the comb and let it create different noises. I used my finger, a penny and a ruler to run across the spikes of the comb. If you listen closely you can hear different distance sounds and sounds coming from different angles. Using audio and video in this way that I have, gives an uncomfortable and slightly disturbing feel. I am really proud with the final outcome, especially having no prior knowledge, and its something totally different to my normal work. I have created a hypnotising and slightly sickening video and disguises the object which is just an ordinary comb.

How does video and audio create narratives/ different narratives from still photography?

-Video allows a more in depth narrative as you have more time with one video, whereas if this were a collection of images, you’d be less likely to go through every image

-Video gives us more of a sense of activity as moving image sometime with audio, rather than one still image

-Video perhaps is more obvious to the viewer about what it is, rather than more abstract, as you have time to show directly things

-Audio allows us to have another sense, we often just use our sight but this allows us to have a different experience, and its perhaps more opinionated as we can use our imaginations as a viewer to guess what it is

-Video restricts us to where we view it, which overall impacts how we view the work, whereas still photography can be taken anywhere, so it makes it more personal and one on one

-Video focuses less on the form and more on the content whereas with photography you work in depth with one image to get the form and content right

-Audio intensifies a video/ image

-Video is less about interpretation, you get more imagery therefore you get more facts and knowledge

Reflection of Workshops that helped my video and audio

-I used lighting that I experimented with a key element in making my work seem shocking

-Lighting can distort an image by manipulation and experimentation

-A close up viewpoint means you can see more detail and you can begin to distort the item/ sitter

-Colour is very important- I used purple to add to the uncomfortable/ shocking feel

-I used different angles, rather than one in my video, to add to the abstract/ distorted look

-Layering and manipulation helps this abstract approach

-Audio intensified my video; it gave it a new sense and intensified by shockingness, whilst also being only the noise of the comb



-People who like thriller/ dark films

-People who are attracted to abstract art

-Interests in contemporary art



-Purple background

-Shadows and contrasts






-Landscape- videos include portrait and landscape

-Overlays/ double and triple exposure




-Looks like a monsters teeth

-Looks dangerous, like it could hurt us

-Hypnotising/ sickening, almost like a fun fair crazy mirror

-Could reflect a bad, personal experience

-Artificial lighting can reflect the natural lighting

-The movement of the lighting against the comb can reflect the movements of the body

Eyewash- Robert Breer


-Flashes of colour

-An uncomfortable feeling

-Flickers and glitches, we have to look closer as viewers

-Abnormal colours- yellows, reds, purples

Instagram Post:

Assignment Four- Making a video and/or audio from one of your workshop images.

My video has audio accompanying it and focuses on ‘make something normal seem shocking’

To see the full thing visit #phonar2016

(I have organised it so it is one continual video, you cannot tell the start nor the finish, which helps my hypnotising approach)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 17.05.50


-Monsmartyrium (2013) Eyewash (Robert Breer, 1959). Available at []



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