Phonar// Publication


Here are my publication pages for Phonar 2016.

I chose them carefully depending on my author, the images produced and they narrative of my images. For example, I thought it was only appropriate to include working in the style of Wendy Ewald as well as my final piece as they both relate. Whereas for task four I used a double spread page to show the abnormality of the object. When visiting the print shop I chose between a 120mgs, 160mgs and 200mgs. In the end going for a 120mgs, colour, single sided.

Chloe Parker- Phonar Publication

How did I find Phonar 2016?

If I’m honest I thought I would hate doing all these mini tasks. I have always been a person who prides myself in there research, but actually it’s been the opposite. I’m genuinely really sad its over, its gone so fast. Something that I have learnt about myself is that I’m actually all right at producing a range of strong concepts, I feel like this has been strength and something that will help me in my future. I have missed undertaking all the research, but at the same time it’s been so relaxing just taking photographs quickly on my phone to get all the different ideas out of my mind. Its brought me back to the creative and fun artist I was before I came so serious.

I also feel like my time management skills were really good, I managed to get tasks done with plenty of time before deadlines. I have questioned my interests and myself as an artist. I would have never have thought someone like Wendy Ewald would interest me, yet that’s one of my strongest pieces. Maybe I have been too specific with my work before, and now for my final year I need to branch out otherwise I’ll never know what work I can improve. And I feel like I’ve understood the idea of my audience a lot more and how my work can be made for and presented too in order for it too be a success. Overall, I’m so incredibly happy with some of the pieces I’ve created. I’ve really learned something new things about myself and I want to carry this on, not just for summer but also for the rest of my creative life.


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