Phonar// Assignment Two// Mini Tasks


So its been a good few weeks since we began Phonar, and this is almost like a diary entry of how Phonar has been treating me so far.


Website// Portfolio

201MC Professional Experience

We had to create a website for one of our modules, so we were able to sign up and create one basic page with our new domain name. However, I didn’t want it to stop there, I wanted to create a professional website that I can use on my business cards, social media and can give to anyone who is interested in what I do.

Phonar// Assignment One// Gerry Badger


Task One- Initial thoughts and Tweets

My initial reactions to receiving Gerry Badger as my assignment author was pleased because he is a writer and I too enjoy his essays, but I had know clue about his photography. When reading into his assignment and his photography, its completely different and it doesn’t perhaps initially interest me. However, I love a challenge, and this will perhaps bring out a way of thought that I’ve never had before.

Hashtag Photography Magazine- The Top Six Uk Photo Exhibitions Happening this Spring

201MC Professional Experience


Hashtag Photography Magazine// ‘The Top Six Uk Photo Exhibitions Happening this Spring’ // March 2016


This post is something different that I haven’t done before; a whole post on a selection of exhibitions. It’s an exciting opportunity; I can really research and incorporate my own style in to it!


201MC Professional Experience

So everyone has to undertake an exhibition for their module in my class, as you may have known mine is Trace, but there are three others that are happening. For me this is a really important part of the whole thing, going to everyone else’s and comparing and seeing what I can take from there’s that I didn’t. It’s a good way to review progress, learn new things and broaden my knowledge in photography.